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The only Insurance CRM
for better customer relationships.

FreeAgent Insurance CRM is a sales, marketing and customer service platform that helps insurance agencies big-and-small nurture quality customer relationships.

You cover your customers. We’ve got YOU covered.

We help you get up and running in no time,
with tailored CRM that works for you.

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Insurance CRM you can setup in 20 minutes
for customer relationships that last a lifetime.

Independent brokers and small agencies succeed for entirely different reasons than big-box insurance giants.

That’s why it’s so important to use a CRM designed for the entire insurance lifecycle.

Interacting with customers wins greater loyalty

Customer engagement initiatives in the Insurance industry reduce customer churn by 40-60%.

Bain/Research Now NPS Survey 2016

Insights = Advantage

Most insurers miss opportunities to provide additional services that would increase the lifetime value of the customer.

Customer Behavior and Loyalty in Insurance: Global Edition 2016

Increase renewals and drop attrition

Happy customers who feel connected to you are customers for life.

We help you convert new leads into clients and nurture your current clients into a lifelong relationship.


All of your data in one secure place

Customer records, applications, policies, commissions, important documents, phone calls – all together in a secure cloud-based space all your own – that you can access from anywhere!

Track Emails, Calls, Meetings….


From the first contact to the signed policy to the 10-year-renewal – and everything in between.


The right info at your fingertips

We automatically create detailed lead records – no matter where they come from. Plus you can store and view the info that’s important to you: renewal dates, ages, birthdays, and more.

  • FreeAgent CRM is the simplest solution to use on the go or on the desktop. I recommend this solution to anyone. It’s super easy to customize. The support I received getting started - and afterward - made it way easier than I expected to switch from excel spreadsheets.

    Bonni Swinney Insurance Agent, Assure, LLC.

Everything in one place

Excel and email can only take you so far.

Every insurance business simply must have an instant central repository for all of your customer data.


In FreeAgent CRM, it all happens automatically.

We match all of your emails to the right Contacts and connect them to the right Contracts, Carriers, and Policies. You can add pictures, attach files, import notes – capture everything that is important to you.


Any View that Works for You

What’s most important to you?

We track, organize, and remember everything.
You only see (or share) what you want.

You can even save your favorite views and
share them with your team, like:

Policies by Stage
Contact by Referral Source

The possibilities are endless.
And they’re all up to, and SO easy to setup.

Insurance pros Red Heart on Apple iOS 10.3 FreeAgent CRM

  • The CRM is very nice. I love the fact that you get one on one training with the team and they listen to you so they can make all the modifications to the CRM. I have looked at so many CRM's to use with my Insurance Business and even though I am still in the process of customizing it I am very optimistic the final result will work well with my workflows. I like the interface, its very appealing visually speaking. Usability is very good. I like the fact that you can do so many integrations like Mail chimp and Zapier.

    Mireya Jauregui Owner, Life Solutions Insurance
  • It has all the features that I have been looking for to help me grow my small business quickly!

    Jim Walker Owner, Insurance Agency
  • FreeAgent CRM is the simplest solution to use on the go or on the desktop. I recommend this solution to anyone. It’s super easy to customize. The support I received getting started - and afterward - made it way easier than I expected to switch from excel spreadsheets.

    Bonni Swinney Insurance Agent, Assure, LLC.
  • I picked FreeAgent CRM because it’s not complicated to use. It tracks everything I need including my emails, outbound calls, and meetings so I can keep my business on track.

    Judd Whiteman Chicago Title
  • We've been looking for a system that we can easily customize without spending more on consultants. It took us less than an hour to set things up and create custom fields. I love it!

    Kelly Shives
    Kelly Shives TLC Benefits & Business Solutions Inc.
  • What I love the most about this product is that it is customizable, so the program adapts to my needs instead of the other way around. It is super user friendly, and it has great customer support!! They even give you 1:1 training, and help you customize your profile, and they won’t leave you alone until you are happy with the end product. I have never had an experience like this before... they contacted me, and made follow up, answered all my questions, and even invited me to their offices. They have been great with customer support; it is almost 24/7. They are very nice and willing to help out, and hear your suggestions. Since I can customize it to my needs, it’s a perfect product. I recommend it 100%.

    Magdalena Camarena
    Magdalena Camarena Allianz
  • I love it! I'm more visual so I like the pictures and different ways of reviewing my policies. I had other demos, but FreeAgent is the only one really insurance optimized. It is exactly what I was looking for. Now that I have purchased and been trained on the variety of ways to use this program, I am SO excited and recommend it highly to anyone.  One reason I love it so much is how easy it is to tailor it to what I want. I have been in the Financial Services industry for over 25 years and have used several systems both on desktop and online. This system is easy, tailorable, and comprehensive. And what I love about it even more is that it is affordable for an individual agent to use. Additionally, the fact that they have a mobile app to interface is a double benefit. Can't say enough how much I appreciate you!

    Carmen Vonk Cascade Financial and Insurance Services
  • I’ve been checking out other platforms like Zoho, but none of them have an easy-to-use platform or the experience FreeAgent has on Insurance.

    Zaki Azam Zaki Enterprise
  • Customization is a great plus with the ability to change things to be industry specific. Support had been wonderful in getting started.

    Joel Payton Payton Agency

Get setup in 20 minutes to start saving 20 hours per week!

We help you get up and running in no time,
with customized CRM that actually works for you.

FreeAgent is a network of independent insurers and agencies large-and-small, growing together – supported by an expert team dedicated 110% to their success. More than a platform, this is a movement: empowering insurance professionals to reach and serve the customers who would benefit from their products and services.