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Your business is built on relationships.

Cultivate Valuable Relationships

Before and After the Close

Consultants run on referrals. That’s why it’s so important to use a CRM designed to nourish your current clients into lifelong relationships and referral partners.

Look Forward

Effortlessly Engage Your Future Clients

Keep a consistent stream of new lead opportunities flowing even while you’re busy in the middle of a project. Never miss an opportunity to line up your next big thing.

Freedom and Flexibility

Works Wherever You Do

Access everything you need for your business – anywhere, anytime. And when it comes time to move an account, you can feel free – with an instant overview of the entire account history.

Clients who feel engaged and connected to your business are


more likely to

recommend to friends


Your business runs on relationships

Happy customers who feel connected to you are customers for life. And they’re 10x more likely to recommend your business.

We help you convert new leads into clients and nurture your current clients into a lifelong relationship.

All of your accounts in one secure place

Projects, contracts, important documents, receipts, phone calls – all together in a secure cloud-based space all your own that you can access from anywhere.

  • FreeAgent CRM is the simplest solution to use on the go or on the desktop. I recommend this solution to anyone. It’s super easy to customize. The support I received getting started - and afterward - made it way easier than I expected to switch from excel spreadsheets.

    Bonni Swinney Insurance Agent, Assure, LLC.

Work from Anywhere

You need a CRM that’s as fast-moving as you are. Access everything you need for your business from anywhere.

On the go, use our fully developed Mobile App, so you can relax knowing you’ll never miss a thing.

Track Emails, Calls, Meetings….


Keep quotes, project outlines, change orders – everything – all in one place. You have an instant view of your entire client relationship, from the first phone call to your scheduled meetings to project completion, and everything in between – and afterward!

Keep your valueable contacts close even after a project is complete. You’ll be top of mind when they need something next, or when their colleagues do too!

And when it’s time to move on, you can easily transition an account at any point because it’s all at your fingertips in a single, searchable timeline.


CRM Designed for Consultants

A better way to manage your day-to-day.

We made an all-in-one CRM for consultants that’s actually easy to use so you can spend more time on what’s important to you.

It’s designed to work a lot like email, but way better. You can finally ditch Excel. We provide a complete solution to manage contacts, projects, referrals, and much more – even while you’re on the road or engaged in a project.


Don’t Worry – We Make It Easy

It’s just what we do.

It’s easier than changing your email settings. Your IT guy will miss you. No technical knowledge or outside consultants needed.

We help you get up and running in no time, with CRM that feels like it’s made just for you. Just ask some of our happy customers.

  • Customer support and initial training was very good, individualized, patient, and responsive, even before I had committed to purchase. Perfectly adequate, user-friendly starter CRM software with excellent training/support for small businesses.

    Tom Walker LabShare Partners, LLC

Consultant Success Stories

Your Success is Our Success

FreeAgent is a network of independent consultants and small agencies, growing together – supported by an expert team dedicated 110% to their success. More than a platform, this is a movement: empowering small business owners to reach and serve the customers who would benefit from their products and services.

  • The user interface is one of the best in the market. It is very easy to use and you get premium support for free to get you started. It was an easy choice because I'm a visual person and like when things are simple. Before FreeAgent, everything was taking too long, and I missed opportunities for follow-up and sales. This year, we’re going to be on it!

    Etta Wilson CEO, gNIS
  • I actually felt more organized in 15 minutes - just by going through the very smart setup screens. You don’t need a bunch of training to use it. Put your contacts in and you will be productive almost immediately.I’m also impressed with the email capabilities, especially the open and click tracking analytics. It is easier than you think, and way easier than other CRM.

    Jeffrey Pease CEO, Message Mechanics

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