Zoom In on Pipeline Snapshots: Official Beta Release

We invite you to a revolutionary new way to gain insight into your business and make smarter decisions by harnessing auto-captured activity and data to drive increased sales.

FreeAgent CRM Platform Update March 19, 2019

Snapshots: Beta Release

This week’s Taco Tuesday features the official announcement of Snapshots Beta Release.

We also invite you to be a part of Snapshots Beta release. To experience the power of snapshots for your business, reach out directly to our Product Team at ryan@freeagentcrm.com

Building on last weeks sneak-peek, today we’re excited to get a little more in-depth on Snapshots and zoom in on some exciting ways to leverage the data already being captured in FreeAgent CRM automatically.

What is Pipeline Snapshots?

Snapshots is visually stunning real-time tracking for your pipeline over time. Gain instant insight in a revolutionary new way, from quarter-to-quarter forecasting right down to day-to-day changes.

Fuelled by your daily activity, Pipeline Snapshots connects the dots to provide predictability, foster collaboration and drive revenue growth. The power of Snapshots is real-time tracking combined with insights over time. So whether you want to know…

“What happened since Friday to alter the pipeline forecast by 25k?”
“How to gain better foresight into risk and opportunity to have confidence in the next forecast call?”

… we’ve got you covered.

Pipeline Snapshots Tour

Click-through a visual tour below to zoom in on:

  • Track every material change to your pipeline in Real-time
  • Analyze daily, weekly, or monthly variances to your pipeline
  • Quickly pivot to the time interval you want to focus on
  • Have a Birds-eye View of Your Pipeline Progression
  • Zoom in to see the daily activity of your pipeline
  • Analyze your Pipeline across different angles: Pivot by Sales Stage, Status and Forecast Category
  • Set Targets and Keep Track of Pipeline Coverage
  • Isolate snapshots by a single team member or the entire team
  • Always 1-click Away from the Opportunity Details
  • Drill through to actual opportunity information to view complete change history



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